Friday, December 30, 2016

Reasons why your Leather Handbags Looks Cheap

leather handbags

Leather handbags are a great accessory for making a fashion statement. However, nothing can look as ugly as a cheap bag that is made of leather. There are several reasons why your leather bag may look cheap. Let us look at the top 5 reasons:
It isn’t made of good leather
There are many bags that are made of other materials but are sold as leather bags. When a handbag is not made of leather or even good faux leather, it can look terribly bad. If you need to choose faux, you will need to go for one with a rich texture. If you are trying to get the look of the genuine leather, texture is without doubt an important consideration. There are some smooth and pebbled faux leathers out there just as there are some bad ones out there. When you consider that the rich jewel tones as well as black can look better in faux leather as compared to the paste or bright.
You should especially be afraid of the faux leather. In 99% of the time, the brown and flat faux leather tends to look quite cheap. Avoid the bright caramel brown and instead choose chocolate brown that is richer.
Shape of the bag
When you bag has some little threads that are sticking out where there are two faux leather pieces sewn together, this part will be quite noticeable and will make your bag to look quite cheap. The same thing applies to bags with pen marks at the front as well as dirty and discolored corners. Therefore, when you notice a lose thread in your bag, ensure that you trim it.
Contrast stitching
The cheap brands tend to pass off their obvious stitching as some kind of enhancing the detail of the design. However, this only proves to be distracting. The fact that your eyes are getting drawn to something doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good.