Sunday, November 13, 2016

Simple Steps When Cleaning Leather Bags For Women

Handbags enhance the beauty of a woman, and that's why no one wants to lack one or several in their wardrobes. You no longer need to go for expensive leather bags for women because there are many cheap designer bags available. To make them last and serve you for long, you need to keep them clean. This simple tips can clean shoulder bags for women;

If you spot a stain, you need a dump cloth. Slowly rub the area until it is damp for the stain to come off. Do it in a way that your bag is not soaked in the process. The moment you allow it to soak, the stain will spread further and damage your leather surface. On the wet cloth, you are using to wipe, add some cleaning solution. You can buy from the shop or prepare your own by mixing distilled water with drops of mild soap. Wipe until the stain comes off. As you rub the stain from the leather surface, keep the stroke motions be in line with the leather grains. This prevents the damage that arises when you stroke the surface from all directions because the grains come off. 

After you satisfied that the stain is off, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off any residue or excess moisture on the cleaned surface. Focus on cleaning the surface rather than drying it at this stage. Spare enough time to allow your leather bag to dry. 30 minutes is enough to dry well without breaking the surface. Avoid speeding the process using a hair-dryer. It will lead to spoiling the quality of your bag that will break when you carry some weight in it when dry.

On complete drying, apply a leather moisturiser using a soft cloth. Make the application in circular motions to help the leather become soft and supple. Go for recommended moisturizers to avoid staining your bag again or degrading its leather quality. Leather bags for women restore their texture and shine when you buff them using a dry cloth at the finishing.

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