Sunday, November 6, 2016

How To Spot Fake Women's Clutch Bags

Nothing compliments a woman's beauty as a clutch bag. With many designers in the market ready to fulfil your desires, take caution to avoid falling for fake leather bags for women from unscrupulous designers. How can I identify a fake and genuine women's clutch bags? Take a look at these features that mostly go unnoticed to get the real leather bag as you shop today;

The labels and tags
: As you inspect the bag before paying, check inside first to see if the designer label is stamped or hand-stitched. Each designer has a trademark that is either inside or outside the bag. A fake one will lack one or have one that is poorly done and stamped with fake ink that will come off after the first wash.

The stitching : you come across a slanted, sloppy and uneven stitching, that's an indicator of a poorly made fake bag. Any famous designer aims to produce quality, and a poorly stitched product is not one of them. 

The material quality : There are fake brands of leather that are confused mostly for the genuine ones. If it is genuine, then let it smell like leather. Any of our leather bags are strong, well stitched and are double canvass. Most buyers discover that they fell for a fake one after the first wash. Take time to find this while still at the shop to get the right material at best price.

The inner lining : if on opening your new bag you hear sounds like of paper rubbing together, that is enough to point out its credibility. This is because the original one is lined with leather that produces no sound at all. Check the stitching of the lining and ensure it is aligned well from edge to edge.

The above four are enough to ensure you don't purchase a fake women's clutch bags. Hope in today for genuine products to choose from at affordable costs. Don't fall for lower prices that are associated with the products. Other items like the leather card wallet, crossbody type are available in our stores to choose from. Place your order today

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